Automate tedious manual code checks.

Save time on reading through code with SourceScape queries.
Compared with:
VS. Manual Review

Focus your reviews on high level concerns.

  • No more nitpicks. Every nitpick can be converted to a code check. No more tradeoff between being annoying vs. not reviewing lower level nits.
  • Document checks. Instead of code checks being locked in engineers' heads, the checks can be codified and documented in SourceScape.
  • Never miss a detail again. Manual inspection is rife with error. Gain assurance that you won't be missing out on critical details.
  • Scale out +¬†faster review cycle. Code reviews often depend on your most valuable engineers. Reduce the pressure on their time.
VS. Static Analysis

Customize checks to your code base.

  • Easily write custom checks. Bring in context specific to your organization. Writing checks is as easy as code search.
  • Understandable code checks. SourceScape queries document themselves.
  • Less noise. Static analysis tools often produce a huge amount of noise that drowns out valuable signal. SourceScape allows you to specify a portfolio of checks that are right for your organization.